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Take Puffs.






FRESHEST Puffs. Guaranteed.

Yes, really. Rotate the RotoBOWL to expose fresh new areas of herb to be vaporized whenever you like. Getting truly fresh vapor used to only happen once per bowl, on the first puffs. After that the freshness declined as the session progressed. Not anymore. Our proprietary RotoBOWL delivers the freshest puffs by rotating already vaped herb away from the heater, and fresh un-vaped herb to the heater. A world's first!

RotoBOWL Technology

An EXOTIC Vaporizer


High Tech

A spectacular statement ensues when you pull out Purifyzer. Everyone witnesses the epitome of elegant engineering, embodied into the world's finest fresh-herb vaporizer. The robotic lid was inspired by aeronautical excellence found in a fighter jet's wing-flaps. Purifyzer is a work of designer engineering. 

0 Plastic | 100 Percent Quality

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Eloquently engineered with the epitome of hygienic materials. Nothing less. Purifyzer is an infusion of the words "purify" and "vaporizer". Every surface the air and herb ever touch is medical grade. This is the Purifyzer philosophy. 


Thin for the WIN

Abstract Shapes
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Purifyzer is highly portable, its about as thin as a fountain pen. The device's angled corner contours the natural shape of pants pockets; perpetuating a comfortable experience throughout your journey. Compact without compromise.



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LED Display

Intuitively illuminating. Auto dimming. One degree temperature increments. Bold enough to be bright, while stealthily covert at night.

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The Epitome 

Purifyzers are designed, engineered and manufactured at our facility in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. Raw materials are transformed into the ultimate fresh-herb vaporizer. Our team of prophetic professionals ensure that each Purifyzer lives up to our stringent standards.


Handmade by engineers, artisans and technicians with the aid of automated precision right here in America


Purifyzer; the epitome of herbal vaporizers.

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