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If for whatever reason you wish to return your Purifyzer, we welcome it with open arms so long as the following apply; 

-It must be within fourteen days after receiving your item. 

-It must be new and unused. We will not accept used items because of the legal liability, hygienic nature and safety standards of our patrons. Additional details in Terms & Conditions.


Your Purifyzer comes with a full 5 year warranty pertaining to any and all defects that are due only to manufacturing. Full warranty info and details in Terms & Conditions. Here is an excerpt from the warranty section:

9.1. Device Warranty


The Purifyzer device is provided to you after it has been made and tested at our Scottsdale, Arizona facility. It is eligible for a 5 year warranty pertaining to defects that are due only to manufacturing and not typical use, misuse, or natural degradation. Each warranty return case is handled on a case-by-case basis; reviewed by our employees and ultimately a final decision to honor the warranty return is up to their discretion and expertise of the situation.

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