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Comprehensive Ascender Kit 




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+Purifyzer Device

+Bowl-Packing System

+Stainless Steel Bowl

=Comprehensive Ascender Kit


+USHandmade Quality

+Comprehensive Warranty 

+User Assistance

+Priority Service 

+Handwritten Gratuity Note

+User Guide

+Charging Cable

+Cleaning Accessories

included works:

Usage [life]style:

Sensitive & Light-Dosing Users.

Flavor & Freshness are Priority.

Controllable Dosing.

✅ Personal & Duo Ascension.

Brief & Confidential Sessions. 

Tailored to the sophisticated desiring the epitome of vapor purity and freshness; made possible by Purifyzer's proprietary RotoBOWL technology and supremely hygienic composition, among its other inventive innovations.

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Micro Dose

c office scene.jpg

perform your peak. Reach your desired effects with predictable ease. Move onto and above your level with grace, at your own comfortable pace. Though, if getting inebriated is your race, worry not; Purifyzer can still put you in first place.

Get More From Your 

c 1st hit-min (1) (1).jpg

Strain A or B

Strain A or B


...all of your herb. Control your dose. The RotoBOWL enables you to take several fresh hits, rotate, then take several more fresh hits. All with the same bowl you just packed. Optionally, you may pack different strains into the bowl. Rotate to change strains. Less waste, more taste.


c side usb view.jpg


...yet sophisticated. Turn it on, set your temp, and inhale. That's it. Purifyzer automatically vibrates if you inhale too harshly during your hit; thus enabling you to consistently extract the most from your experience. No more guesswork when vaping fresh-herb.

Clean Effortlessly 


...with ease, it's honestly quite a breeze. A standard Q-tip fits into all areas that require cleaning. That, and some isopropyl alcohol is all that's needed to clean and maintain Purifyzer. Hygienic & effortless. See more in the User Guide.

Dynamic Convection 

boilaaaa room.jpg

ramp up you turn up. Temperature gradually increases as you inhale; enabling manageable, smooth and pure vapor generation. Purifyzer does not pre-heat, its dynamic convection heats the herb only when you inhale; preserving freshness by only heating herb when absolutely necessary. 

Keep it Cool

ice ice bb.jpg

chill you normally would. Purifyzer cools off quickly during use thanks to its unique thermal design. Areas that must become hot are separated from those that must remain cool. Between these areas is high performance thermal insulation. Because no insulation (in this galaxy anyway) is 100% efficient, a natural loss occurs. Luckily, the Purifyzer's anodized-aluminum exterior rapidly dissipates this minor residual warmth within moments; enabling a comfortable vaping experience throughout your sessions.   

c turbine.jpg


Place of Design &


Charge Time (0 to full)

Heat-Up Time

Bowl Capacity

Physical Size

Temp Range

Temp Precision

Long Draws

Per Charge


Heating Type

Scottsdale, AZ USA 


Less than 1 hr

Instant (occurs during puff)

0.3 Grams (varies by herb)

0.5" x 4" x 2" (Ultra-Slim)

200°F to 400°F (93­°C to 204°C)


~60 (Each Draw > 10+ Sec. Long)


Dynamic Convection (ramps up

during hit)



c microscope.jpg

Medical-Grade ✅

Anodized Aluminum

Medical-Grade ✅

Anodized Aluminum

Medical-Grade ✅

Stainless Steel

Medical-Grade ✅

Dental-Class Zirconia Ceramic

Medical-Grade ✅

Borosilicate Glass

All Exterior Surfaces



Heating Element

Temperature Sensor

Comprehensive Warranty 

A free 5 year comprehensive warranty is included with every purchase. It covers any and all manufacturing defects. We'll send you a brand new replacement if you have any troubles.¹


We welcome returns with open arms so long as its been less than fourteen days since you received the item, and that the item is in new and unused condition. This is for legal and hygienic reasons that ensure all of our patrons have a safe experience.¹

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